Are you expecting twins? As you have probably already seen, it is not only a double joy, but also many challenges. One of them is choosing the right vehicle for your kids. In this post, we present the 5 most important things to consider when choosing and buying a twin stroller.

  1. Cart type: one after the other or side by side

    Twin prams can be divided into two main types: side by side (tandem) and side by side pushchair. There are many supporters and opponents of all kinds. However, everything really depends on you and your lifestyle, and on what terrain you will move with the children. Already at the stage of considering the choice of the type of pram, it is worth considering what places you will most often visit with your kids. The trolley one after the other is usually narrower than the trolley side by side, but is consequently also longer which can make maneuvering difficult. On the other hand, a side by side stroller often just won't fit in the door.

    You can see the comparison of both designs in our other post . There you will find a table that will help you decide what type of pram will be perfect for you. We recommend that you read this text, but to put it very broadly:

    - choose a trolley "one by one" if you plan to move mainly along narrow sidewalks or use public transport often. Usually, the trolleys "one by one" are narrower than the "side by side" trolleys, so you will not have problems with fitting into narrow entrances to shops, restaurants or other buildings. Such prams also work better in smaller apartments.

    - choose a cart next to you if your exits will be limited to walks outside the city, along wide paths. If you do not want to fit through all the doors, but prefer the children to sit next to each other, choose this model.

  2. Stroller weight and dimensions

    Important parameters that you should pay attention to are the width and length of the frame, gondola and stroller. Before buying, it is worth measuring the places where you will be using the stroller: trunk, doors, lifts. Make sure you take the pram out of the apartment or go to your favorite store without any problems.

    Equally important is the weight of the stroller. Pay particular attention to the weight of the rack itself. This is especially important if you plan to travel by car and transport the folded frame in the trunk. It should be light enough to easily fold and lift it. This point brings us to the next point, which is:

  3. Folding and unfolding

    A stroller should fold and unfold quickly and efficiently, especially with two little ones who can quickly get bored. Before buying, it is best to check what mechanism was used in a given model. Unfortunately, the availability of strollers for twins in stationary stores is very limited, but it is worth looking for instructional videos on the websites of producers, which often show how to unfold and fold the stroller. Also pay attention to the method of detaching the gondola or stroller - can it be done with one hand?

    As the frame of a twin stroller weighs more than a stroller for one child, it is worth paying attention to whether it is possible to detach the axle and wheels without any problems. Thanks to this, we can slightly reduce the weight of the frame before lifting it. The frame without wheels will also take up less space.

  4. Ease of driving

    With the increased width (side by side in the model) or length (in the case of the side-by-side version) and the weight of the stroller, solutions that facilitate driving become even more important. What are these elements?

    - large wheels that make it easier to drive the trolley on snow or bumpy terrain, e.g. field paths or holes in sidewalks. The large rear wheels also make it easier to prop up the stroller when climbing a curb.

    - wheel suspension - shock absorption balances the weight of the stroller, thanks to which it runs smoothly on bumpy roads,

    - movable handle - you can adjust such a handle to your height, which will certainly make it easier for you to drive the stroller

  5. Additional accessories

    A stroller for twins should be equipped with the appropriate accessories. A large shoulder bag that can be attached to the frame and a basket will definitely be useful. These elements will allow you not only to take all the necessary things and toys for a walk, but also work well when shopping. For changing weather conditions, it is good to have a rain cover and a mosquito net for each child, and for colder days, covers for the legs. For mum, a hot coffee cup holder will also be useful.

What are your experiences with twin prams? What else should the expectant mother pay attention to?