In the last three months of a given year, we always get a lot of inquiries from customers about which pram in a cold period will be the best for a child. Of course, there is no one specific answer to this question in the form of a single pram model. However, there are a few specific points that need to be addressed in this topic and we will do so in the article below.


                                                            First of all, the safety and comfort of the child

When choosing a stroller for the colder months, it should be taken into account that the child will be dressed thicker and to provide him with additional protection, we will wrap him with a blanket or put in a sleeping bag. This will significantly increase its actual size, which brings us to the first thing which is the size and specification of the gondola.

- Pay attention to its internal dimensions, so that even an additionally secured child can easily fit in it and has freedom of movement

- A related matter is also the height of the walls, it is important that they provide sufficient protection against frosty winds

- Our company goes a step further - each booth has a canopy that protects against wind, but also on warmer days - against sun rays

- We always add a foot cover to our trolleys

- It is also worth paying attention to the material - for the winter period, we recommend a leather that keeps warmth

The next thing to pay attention to is the construction itself.

- Large, gel wheels with a hollow tread will perfectly cope with driving on snow, ice and in our winters also mud

- Shock absorption of the rear wheels and additional side shock absorption will ensure that the child's sleep will not be disturbed by any terrain, and the whole journey will be stress-free and comfortable


                                                                            Comfort and simplicity for the parent

Secondly, we should also pay attention to the fact that frequent walks with our children, also for us, parents, are an opportunity for joy without getting angry at unpleasantness. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the following:

- The structure should be made of aluminum - a lighter stroller means more fun to walk without excessive effort

- Always check if the front wheels have the ability to block - it makes driving on a swampy, muddy terrain much easier - Let's go back to the material for a moment, a leather gondola will be a good choice for one more reason - it is much easier to remove dirt from it, e.g. from mud - The color itself is also important - if you do not want to wipe the stroller after each walk, maybe it is worth choosing a darker shade where the dirt is not visible as much as on the light one

- The accessories that we can get with the stroller are not without significance, in response to our customers' questions, we offer such things as a bottle holder or a cup with a material thermos, an umbrella attached to the stroller or LED lights useful on short, dark winter days After selecting the right stroller, you do not have to compromise and choose between your own and your child's comfort. What are your experiences with autumn and winter walks?

Which of the above points is most important to you and your child? Share your opinion in a comment or on our social media!