Baby pram carrycot with intelligent memory buttons

Intelligent release of the carrycot

Memory buttons to remove the carrycot with one hand.

PRAMS:  Molto Premium, Molto, Booster, Booster Light, Master, Rotax

Folding together with the sport seat

You don't have to remove the sport seat to fold the frame - saving you time and space.

PRAMS:  Molto Premium, Molto

Adjustable suspension on the rear wheels

The shock absorbing rear wheels balance the weight of the pram improving the smooth running.

PRAMS:  Molto Premium, Molto, Booster, Booster Light, Master, Rotax

Adjustable side suspension

Thanks to the side shock absorbers, which can easily be switched on and off, the pram is more flexible and adapts to the road surface. 

PRAMS:  Molto Premium, Molto, Tiaro, Tiaro Premium, Mila, Mila Premium, Lavado, Lavado Premium

Removable axles

Removable wheels and pram axles reduce the size of the frame when folded. You can fit it more easily into a wardrobe or boot.

PRAMS:  Molto Premium, Molto, Booster, Booster Light, Master, Rotax, Tiaro, Tiaro Premium, Talisman, Mila, Mila Premium, Lavado, Lavado Premium

Coconut mattress

The mattress ensures the right microclimate next to the baby's skin and improves airflow.

PRAMS:  Tiaro, Tiaro Premium, Talisman, Mila, Mila Premium, Lavado, Lavado Premium

Soft insert in the sport seat

A soft and comfortable insert to improve comfort in the sport seat.

PRAMS:  Tiaro Premium, Talisman, Mila Premium, Lavado Premium

Ventilation in the bottom of the carrycot

Adjustable holes in the bottom of the carrycot to increase airflow around your baby.

PRAMS:  Booster, Tiaro, Tiaro Premium, Talisman, Mila, Mila Premium, Lavado, Lavado Premium

Adjustable backrest in the carrycot in 3in1 and 2in1 prams

Adjustable backrest in the carrycot

By adjusting the backrest of the carrycot, baby's head can be gently lifted so that he can observe mum and the world around him.

PRAMS:  Molto Premium, Molto, Booster, Booster Light, Master, Rotax, Tiaro, Tiaro Premium, Talisman, Mila, Mila Premium, Lavado, Lavado Premium

In each pram

Rain cover

Foot covers

Mosquito net

Shopping basket

Zipped shoulder bag for pushchair

Sholder bag


For the safety and comfort of babies and their parents