Natural coco mattress– we equipped a pram gondola with natural coco mattress. Coconut, as a natural raw material is durable, safe and antiallergic. Mattress with coco input increase comfort while laying down and proper ventilation

Material-protection UV -

UV Materia;: Kunert’s prams are sewn with high quality impregnated fabrics, which blocks harmful UV rays. It’s very important because long-term exposure to UV rays may cause some skin and eyes diseases.

Gondola’s ventilation:

There are solutions available in our prams which provides very good ventilation. Uncovered panel at the top of the hoot, and adjustable net at the bottom of the gondola – enables to carry away warm air, and inflow fresh, chill air.

The possibility of swinging the pram

Some of our prams, have the possibility of swinging, because of the very good amortization and air pumped wheels.

Construction of the pram:

Constructions of our prams are designed to have the smallest and lightest dimensions after fold.

Removable axles:

In KUNERT’s prams axles are hidden inside the construction, so you won’t lose them during the transport! The possibility of hiding the axis also protects against scratches other elements, through protruding edges.

Brake :

In KUNERT’s prams we are using a brake pedal, which was designed in a way, to be the most comfortable in use.

Brake pedal is profiled to be comfortable to start and to be released. That allows you to use it both wearing flip-flops, or shoes with a surface sensitive to scratches.


Gel wheels: it’s completely innovative solution. These wheels are the alternative to standard pumped wheels. That’s why you don’t have to worry about tire pressure – they always get stable shape. They are puncture resistant, so they protect you against to unexpected replacement of the inner tube.

Torsion wheels:

Our prams are equipped with torsion wheels with the possibility of blocking and driving straight.


Our prams are equipped with shock absorbers with the ability to adjust the suspension hardness. They’ve got two options- „hard” and „soft” – different for bumpy and flat surface.