Turne 2in1 Baby Pram

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Baby pram 2in1 Turne

Turne has as many as two certificates of reputable Polish and foreign companies. They are an assurance of the highest quality and safety

Baby pram Turne 2in1 - descripton

The 2in1 set includes:

  • steel frame with swivel foam wheels
  • carrycot 
  • sport seat
  • a capacious, zipped bag  and a large basket
  • mosquito net
  • rain cover


  • Large carrycot with carrying handles - comfortable for mum and baby
  • It comes with a fitted foot cover - so you don't have to worry about wet weather
  • a reversible handle that allows pushing the pram with the child facing forward or backward – direction depending on your needs

Sport seat

  • The sport seat is equipped with 5-point safety belts, which will prevent your child to undo itself. Safety belts and safety bar secure the child in place and protect against falling out, so you do not have to worry about a safe journey.
  • adjustable canopy that can be detached
  • backrest adjustment – up to a flat position, the healthiest position for your baby while sleep
  • The adjustable footrest in the sport seat prevents your baby's feet from hanging inertly. It is also useful during nap as it extends the seat, making it much more comfortable for your child to sleep.  

Frame 2in1 Turne

  • steel frame - durable swivel
  • adjustable handle
  • swivel foam wheels
  • equipped with a central brake for stability 
  • cushioned rear suspension – provides comfort during every walk


A capacious, zipped bag - you can attach it to the pram frame or take it with you.

The large basket will let you  take all the things and toys you need during your walk,  and also will be useful for shopping.

Rain cover and mosquito net

Two foot covers – for the carrycot and sport seat


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