MATA 3in1 Baby Pram

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Baby pram MATA 3in1

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Choose the stroller to your style

The unique design will allow you to choose the color of the stroller best suited to your style. Light, aluminum frame available in three colors. You can easily install a spacious gondola, a walking seat or a car seat on it. The Mata stroller can be used from the first days of a child's life. Properly selected elements for the child's age will facilitate your everyday struggles in this fantastic adventure of parenting.

Light, functional and easy to use.

With our stroller, your walks will be pure pleasure. We took care of every detail, because we know how important comfort is. You can handle any situation with the Mata stroller. See how easy it is.

What solutions have we used?


Roomy, can be fastened on the frame or carried over the shoulders

Roomy basket

For shopping, toys and other accessories

Aluminum frame

Stable and durable. It does not rock from side to side and does not creak.

A large gondola

Its sides are lined with soft material.

Stop & Drive system

Strong brake placed in the central part, between the rear wheels.

Elongated brim

It will provide additional protection from the sun.

Five-point seat belts

Together with the railing, they protect the child from falling out

Large gel wheels

(28 cm), you don't have to pump them, and you won't puncture them while walking.

Maneuverable front wheels

(22 cm) swivel 360 °, but you can also lock them in the forward position.

Stop & Drive system

Strong brake placed in the central part, between the rear wheels.

In addition

Adjustable backrest

The carrycot has an adjustable backrest. You can adjust it by means of a knob on the underside of the pram, which is easy to access. You can gently raise your baby's head. This is especially useful when your baby is not yet sitting up, but would like to see mum and the world around them. It also helps with babies who have spitting.

For all weathers

The carrycot is suitable for both summer and winter use. In summer you can open the ventilation window in the canopy (lockable with a zip) - this will ensure fresh air for your child on warmer days. The canopy has a small sun-roof which protects against the sun's rays, but also against the wind. In winter you can add a foot cover included to each set.

Adjustable backrest of the stroller

You can set the backrest of the stroller in four positions, from the lying position - the healthiest position for a sleeping child, to a fully upright position - when it is sitting alone.

Adjustable stroller footrest

By adjusting the footrest you can extend the seat - the child will sleep much more comfortably than when its legs are hanging inertly.

Adjustable handle

The stroller has an adjustable handle, which means that you can adjust it to your height. Thanks to this, it is comfortable to drive for both taller and shorter people. We have trimmed the handle with eco-leather , which prevents it from slipping in your hands

You can mount the stroller forward or backward facing - the toddler can face you or watch the surroundings from the front.


When folding, all you need to do is pull the levers on both sides of the frame towards you. Thanks to the safety mechanism, the frame will not unfold by itself and you can easily move it. You do not have to unfasten the stroller - you can fold the stroller with it.

After folding, you can detach the wheels and axles of the trolley, which will allow you to store the frame even in a wardrobe or transport it in a small trunk. You can also remove the front wheels easily - just press the button above the wheels.

If you want to unfold the stroller - remove the safety lock and, holding the handle, pull it up until the locking mechanisms engage.

The set 3in1 includes:


Sport seat

Mosquito net



A car seat to choose from

Select a seat for more information


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