Slitta Rocker

289,00 zł
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Children's sledges ROCKER

A strong sledge for winter adventures!

Rocker sledge by Kunert is a solid and tested product. The sledge made by mixing a thick steel tube and solid wooden boards on the seat will provide your child with a pleasant ride and for you it will be comfortable transport during winter.

The set includes:

  • children’s sledges with rear wheels,
  • pusher bar with height-adjustable handle,
  • backrest that can be removed,
  • straps for pulling the sled
  • safety belt for the child
  • set of assembly screws – sledges can easily be folded and unfolded.

The pusher and strap that come with the ROCKER sledge allow the sled to be pushed or pulled in two different ways. The pusher handle is height-adjustable and comes with a foam pad, so you can adjust it to your height.

The ROCKER can be freely modified to suit you and your child. You have the option of fitting or removing the pusher and backrest.

Dimensions of the sledge:

  • Width of the skids: 40 cm
  • Width of seat: 25 cm
  • Length of sledge: 117 cm
  • Length of seat: 60 cm
  • Track height: 100 cm